Sunday, December 8, 2013

Project Life- Week 47

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Well it has been an interesting few days here in the DFW metroplex. We have had significant icing that started Thursday night and has continued to keep everyone inside for three days. Schools are closed again tomorrow so it will be 4 days of being inside. You would think I had time to catch up on Project Life, but I only got one page accomplished.

Yesterday evening I was coming back from my across the street neighbor's house while carrying Rachel and we slipped on the ice and fell in the middle of the street. I fell on top of her, but I think she was okay since she had a padded coat and hood on. Me on the other hand, I thought I broke my wrist and elbow. Luckily, after my body calmed down, and I got color back in my face (according to my husband) the pain started to go away as I moved around a bit.

Today we had Santa Claus come and visit so I was tied down with getting the house ready for everyone to come (about 21 kids and their parents). I am hoping to get some December pages done soon. I haven't decided yet how I want to document December. I love the December Daily that Ali Edwards creates, but I don't want to do a separate album. Maybe I'll figure something out this week.

Here is Week 47:

Week 47 Left:

Week 47 Right:

Week 47 Insert (This one will be cut in half to make a 6x12 page):

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